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Frau Dufte scented wax melts

Frau Dufte® Dufte Momente® are high-quality scented candles / scented wax melts for use in fragrance lamps. They fill your home with special moments and they also make ideal gifts. One pack of Dufte Momente® creates up to 80 hours of fragrant experience.

By the way: Frau Dufte® is already working on new fragrance creations and will expand its selection throughout the year.

Our fragrances.

Romance by the fireplace

Romance by the fireplace – excuse me? This happens only in the movies or in your head, right? Imagine that moment, staring into your lover’s eyes as they reflect the crackling of the logs. The fire enflames your emotions and sparks fly as your bodies melt together, lying there on the bear skin rug. Is this merely romantic kitsch? It could be - but it’s 'dufte' just feeling the sensation

Product-ID: FD-DM011

One night in Bangkok

It’s the flair, it’s the people, it’s the party, it’s the moment you think to yourself: Bangkok has me fully in its grip. But the city, itself, is not enough. You want more. So you grab your backpack and strike out on your own. One island is more beautiful than the other. Endless sunsets, breathtaking beaches, the scent of coconut and lemon grass – Thailand is so 'dufte'!

Product-ID: FD-DM010

There’s always room for dessert

You know very well that you really can‘t resist, but this time you may be able to do it – after the main course, just simply say ‚no‘. But how much pleasure would life afford without a yummy dessert now and again? Hmmmmm, these delicious berries! Stop dreaming and treat yourself: 'Dufte' - because there’s always room for dessert!

Product-ID: FD-DM009

Spring awakening

Yes, finally! The snow is melting, the clouds are disappearing and who needs that nasty rain anymore anyway? The trees and shrubs fill with colour once again and you can toss that thick winter coat into the corner until next winter. And then that moment arrives: Yippee, it finally smells like spring again - 'dufte' - and it's about time it does!

Product-ID: FD-DM008

Day in the spa

Doesn't it seem that life is getting more stressful? Now calm down and relax a bit. It's that moment when all your stress vanishes and you can finally loosen up for the first time in ages. You give yourself to the embrace of this pleasant fragrance. Your muscles relax as that massage you've needed for so long is now at hand. Isn't life 'dufte' ?

Product-ID: FD-DM007

Monday morning

Time to get up!!! It's Monday morning. Are you still tired? Now is the moment your partner appears at bedside with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee. The moment that cute coffee shop barista throws you a wink. The moment you and your colleagues gather in the break room to share weekend adventures while taking it all out on your boss. Now that's a 'dufte' good morning!

Product-ID: FD-DM006

Blind date

Okay, you normally don't do things like this - but seriously… Life is too short to make compromises. That initial, harmless online-chat flirt, then that tingling sensation. The excitement before you first meet. And then that moment when you see each other for the first time. Phew, lucky me: Really a special date - and that fragrance, hmmmmm.... Simply 'dufte' !

Product-ID: FD-DM005

Just like at Grandma's place

We all loved those times gone by: Your grandmother opens the door and you breath that sweet scent in the air. The smell of freshly baked cookies and you get to lick the bowl. And she's baking your favourite cookies at that! You can hardly wait for her to take them out of the oven. Then finally: Delicious! Your grandma is simply 'dufte' !

Product-ID: FD-DM004

Weekend at last

Oh, isn't it wonderful? Finally able to sleep late again - then that invigorating moment as you awaken to the smell of your freshly washed bedding. No alarm clock and no annoying thoughts of work; just you and this pleasant feeling of well-being. You actually don‘t want to get out of bed at all. Doesn't that sound familiar? Then it's time once again for your 'dufte' bath! 

Product-ID: FD-DM003

Autumn dream

The summer has ended, but that's no reason to mope around. The woodlands glory now in an array of colours. Take your time for a stroll: Savour that moment when the sun's rays shine through the golden autumn leaves. The ripe, orange pumpkins are already smiling up at you out on the market square. Somehow quite 'dufte', that fall season we call autumn.

Product-ID: FD-DM002

Day at the sea

Yeah, we're almost there and we can already smell that sea air. You've been looking forward to this day for weeks. You're captured by the moment, standing on the beach while glancing out over the horizon. You've always felt that touch of freedom standing here. The sound of rushing waves, the touch of sand giving way under your feet and the captivation of a lively sea breeze. Does it get any better than a 'dufte' day at the sea?

Product-ID: FD-DM001