Frau Dufte®: Your fragrance specialist for wax melts / scented candles

Dufte Momente® - fragrances for your home

'Dufte' is derived from the German word for fragrance, but it is also a typical German expression meaning great or super.


Actually Frau Dufte (German for „Mrs. Dufte“) had a different name, just like many others: Miller, Meier, Smith!... 

But at some point a friend from Berlin said to her,  „You're pretty 'dufte'. From now on I'll just call you Frau Dufte!“ Why's that? The answer's quite simple: Because she's so easy-going and likeable, and when she enters the room it smells wonderful - time & time again.


Frau Dufte loves unusual fragrances and, to ensure that none of them are lost, she preserves them in wax. To help recall her fragrant creations, she associates each scent with memories of her most fragrant moments: Dufte Momente®