How to use Dufte Momente®.

Simply place 1 Dufte Momente® melt (max. 2 melts) into the aroma dish without adding water. Place a tea candle onto its holder and light it. The wax will begin to melt within a few minutes and fill the entire room with its fragrance. Lean back and savour the moment. 


Yet, even this moment has to come to an end. After several hours, the intensity of the fragrance decreases until the wax remains without scent. Now the moment has come to just let go. Simply remove the wax once it has cooled and hardened (e.g. with a blunt knife). Removal is particularly easy with the blunt knife positioned in the middle or at the edge of the wax. 


Your advantage is: The wax is completely removed without annoying burn residues, as is common with fragrance oil / water mixtures. You are also contributing indirectly to protecting our drinking water quality because the oil cannot seep into the ground water. Frau Dufte's secret mix of waxes is also blended to dissipate the fragrance uniformly over several hours.


It’s time for a new fragrance moment - Dufte Momente®.